Ensure the availability and management of water and sanitation for all
by TUF
Water and Sanitation

Water is the most imperative element essential for mankind, animals, plants and for earth as a whole. Because of extreme impelling of underground water, the quality of underground water is getting polluted quickly, that is the becoming a major causes of different ailments in the people of Pakistan, and especially it blows an alarming whistle to those who are living in metropolitan. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that 90% of the world's water supply is not drinkable without being treated. Water purification systems are able to eliminate and kill these microorganisms, making the water safe for drinking.

The University of Faisalabad foresee the importance of clean and filtered water to our health and robust implementation has been done in this regards by installing a water filtration plant in the university that is currently the only quickest way to keep our environment healthy.

Year of installation of water filtration plant:

Capacity to filter water at the point of time:

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